Kallylace Cattery

 Persians are wonderful, loving, gentle, & beautiful cats but as with any other breed, there is no such thing as "perfect". The standard calls for the Persian to have an extreme face (brachycephalic) in order to be shown. Due to this, Persians are prone to eyes running, could potentially suffer from snorting and they may be at risk for upper respiratory infections. The breed also has a magnificent long, thick coat which requires daily grooming to ensure they do not become matted.

Please be sure to do research prior to purchasing one.

We as breeders, spend a lot of time and money first buying our fur kids, having necessary testing done to ensure they are healthy & caring for them. Showing them, feeding top quality food, giving them proper veterinary care & advertising is all just a small part of what we do; the list goes on and on and on! So, please keep this in mind when inquiring  about our kittens. Our prices are what they are for a reason.


Kittens are priced according to how closely they meet the C.F.A. Standards. Kitten pricing will not be decided until the kitten is approximately 6-9 weeks.

non-refundable deposit will be accepted to hold a kitten.

                       Prices are non negotiable 

                          So please do not ask.

Pets start at....$950 to $1350.00...all depends on quality of the kitten. No kittens sold as pets only will come with registration papers!

Show-breeding cats start at....$2500.00 to $3500.00 

Retired adults are .... $350.00....to cover the neuter & spay

 I reserve the right to cancel a sale of my kittens or cats at any time without questions!!