Kallylace Cattery

 Kallylace's Pocket Full Of Jewels!!! Staying with me!!!

 Kallylace's Mira !!! Staying with me !!

 Kallylace's Dapper Dan!! Living with Pam in Tennessee!!

 Kallylace's Sachet!! Living with Pam in Tennessee!!

 Kallylace's Faith!!! Living in a special home with Laura In Ohio!!!

 Kallylace's Maya!! Living with Yun & Gopi in  Michigan

 Kallylace's Lone Ranger!! Living with Pam in a fabulous home in Tennessee!!!

 Kallylace's Romeo!! Living with Tom in a Fabulous Home In Michigan!!!

 Kallylace's Whoopsie Daisy!!! 

 Kallylace's Frankie!! Living with Ron in Michigan!! He has a Wonderful Home!!!

 Kallylace's Maggie May of Katzeye !!

Living with Kathy in Florida!!! She has a perfect home!!!

 Kallylace's Kobie !!! Living in Michigan with Dear Ann in a Special Home!!!

 Kallylace's Presley!! Living in Ohio With Nicole!! He has a Fabulous Home!!!

 Kallylace's Panda !! Living with Dear Yun in Michigan!!

 Kallylace's Sunny!! Living in New York with Dear Natalia !!!

 Ch. Kallylace's Blossom !!! Staying with me !!!

Ch. Kallylace's All That Jazz!!!  Staying with me!!

 Kallylace's Bubbles!!! Living with Sweet Anita in California!!

 Kallylace's Casino!! Living with Dear Anita in California!!!

Kallylace's Marilyn Monroe  Living with her sweet mom Sharon in Texas!!!   Your babies are so beautiful! Marilyn is fantastic! I love her with all my heart. Your babies are the best.

 Kallylace's La De Da!!!! Living with Cynthia in Canada!!

 Kallylace's Pocket Full of Posies !!!

 Kallylace's Night Cap!!!! Staying with me

 Kallylace's X Factor !!   Living with Kathy in Florida!!

 Kallylace's Wizard Of Oz Of Katzeye !! Living with Kathy In Flordia

 Kallylace's Rolex !!! Living with Anita In California

 Kallylace's Bentley !! Living with Anita in California

 Kallylace's Angel Wings !! Living With Kathy In Ohio

 Kallylace's Lynette !!! Living with my Son

Kallylace's Matilda !!!! Living with Cynthia in Canada 

Kallylace's Princeton !!! Now living with Kathy in Ohio!!

Kathy Bodell French I cannot take my eyes off of him, he is so gorgeous! He is all over this house and having a ball. Everyone else, (furry people) are in bed but Prince is exploring, eating, drinking, and just plain being a happy guy. I love to look at him. Can’t get enough. I’m so tired but we will all get into bed together. He knows where two litter boxes and two bowls of food and water are so he’s all set for tonight. hugs, hugs & more hugs Debbie, I love him so much

 Kallylace Pretty In Pink Of Katzeye  Living in Florida with Kathy!!

Our new baby is finally home! KALLYLACE PRETTY IN PINK OF KATZEYE
Thank you so much Debbie!!! She is wonderful!!!!
Photo: Our new baby is finally home!  KALLYLACE PRETTY IN PINK OF KATZEYE
Thank you so much Debbie!!!  She is wonderful!!!!

 Kallylace's Absolutey Mine  (AKA Mynee) !!! 

Kallylace's Haans & Kallylace's Solo Living with Pam in a Wonderful Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan!!
Pamela Richard just love that little boy! Love the two I have soooo much! They are spoiled rotton! They think they own the house and they think they are letting their human companions live there!!! Kings Haans and Solo, they are the best!!!!

 Kallylace's Moe   Living in Birmingham , Mich. with Susan in a Fabulous Home!!

My Two Beautiful Babies From Desire & Pixie Dust   Living with me!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ch. Kallylace's Darla !! Living With Me!!!!!!!!!

 Ch. Kallylace Captured Heart !!!  Living with Me!!!!

 Kallylace's Dumbledore  Living in Dayton, Ohio With His New Mom Mimi !!!

 Candance is living in Texas with her Purrfect Mom Sharon!!!!

 Corey living in Belleview, Michigan with his Purrfect Mom Nina!!!

 Ginger living with her Purrfect Mom in Royal Oak, Michigan!!!

 Lilly living in Farmington Hills, Michigan with her Purrfect Mom Sandy!!