Kallylace Cattery

Things you will need when you bring your new kitten home!!

1. Carrier for transporting

2. Kitty Litter (we use crystal cat litter)
Mimi brand from Walmart.

3. Buying your kitten food in advance is always best. We feed Iams original healthy adult (orange bag). Orijen & Chicken Soup Of The Soul. We will also send our raw diet home with you until you can change over your kitten to a food you prefer.

4. Combs, Brushes & Nail trimmers are a must for your Persian kitten. Getting them use to combing & bathing as a kitten will make it much more tolerable as they mature. You can look on our grooming supply page for the brands of our combs & brushes we use. We also have a list of shampoos that we use in our cattery.

5. Scratching posts!! A must if you do not want your new baby scratching up your furniture. We are totally against declawing as it can cause behavior problems far worse than scratching your furniture. It is also one of the most painful things you can do to your kitten!!!

6. Cat beds are fine, but they usually find their own space to sleep & it is usually with you.

7. Soft washcloths for washing faces. We also use sterile saline solution (for contacts) applied to a washcloth for cleaning tear stains. Warm water is just fine also. We will send a sample package home with you to get you started.

8. Water & food bowls. Never use plastic of any kind. It can cause ulcers in their mouth. Always buy stainless steel or glass.

9. Please check out all our pages on the left hand side on our website. I have listed everything possible that I use in my Cattery.

10. Always feel free to contact me for any problems or concerns you may have. I am here for you as long as you own one of our babies!!